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What is Credit Repair

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What is Credit Repair?

Credit repair is a service or an action performed by an individual or a company. It is used to make your credit report as perfect and as up to date as it could possibly be, this means eliminating any reporting errors. It is particularly useful for anyone who has a history of bad credit or past problems due to a divorce, sickness, unemployment or any other unexpected circumstances and is ready to start the task of rebuilding their credit to achieve a better financial future. Fortunately we have easy ways to get started and accept all types of payments. You can pay for your service online with echecks, credit cards like visa & mastercard or even a debit card. We have secured a payment checkout, that is friendly to credit repair companies. We offer easy billing services and easy ways to cancel your credit card payments if you decide not to continue. 

Finivcredit helps customers who want to repair their credit and get a fresh start. These services eliminate the need to hire an attorney, a debt settlement company, or a counseling service and have to pay high fees which require you to use their service for a long period of time. In most cases, they force you to pay for accounts that do not belong to you or have inaccurate balances where you spend several thousands of dollars for someone else's mistakes.

Credit repair if it is right for you, is the cost effective alternative. By using our services and following our directions your will receive faster results, good credit and a great financial education.

When you hire a credit repair company you need to understand a very important fact, Credit Repair is not for everyone, most clients only need credit counseling and good guidance, but if you do need credit repair.

We have the experience, knowledge and the necessary tools to customize a program that helps you achieve a correct credit report and good credit with an affordable investment.

You  need to understand that your credit is your financial life and if you attempt to do credit repair on your own this could happen:

1- You could succeed and get back in good credit by having a correct credit report.
Based on our experience, this situation in most cases, clients spend twice the amount of time, money and receive fewer positive results, giving them bigger headaches and holding them back from achieving their financial goals.

How long will it take you? Are you willing to wait one, two or even three years to buy that new house or car you always wanted? Or even get approved for something as necessary as a cell phone? 

2- You could fail and create a bigger mess.  The lack of experience plays a big factor when dealing with the credit bureaus.

Please don't get us wrong credit repair is no big secret and it can be done by you, as long as you have the desire and commitment and time to research and develop a program that will give you the results you need.  Laws are in place to help you as a customer protect yourself from companies like the Credit Bureaus and from credit repair scams, remember it is your right to have a correct credit report.  By this we know and understand that if you do not feel comfortable working with a credit repair company well maybe you should not do it. Just remember you are fighting companies that have experience and will fight back against you not to loose money by deleting and accepting they have made a mistake on your credit report. If you do decide to work with a credit repair company investigate the company you are going to work with look for negative remarks and ask for their credentials. Any legal credit repair company will be glad to provide you with a copy of their bond, registration and any other document they have that validates them as a legal credit repair company.

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