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i would like to thank u for helping me with my creidt thank you so much because of you i got my house that me and my wife wanted thank u so much
Posted By: alfred
“ I did a research on finivcredit. com and their track record is impressing no complains, like they say they are a small company with big results I will recommend this company to everyone I know. They only ask you to do three simple things pay everything on time, send them all your results and don't touch your credit if you guys are able to do that they will take care of the rest no doubt. Please call them before you do anything else you will not regret it. By the way they are not the cheapest company around but remember like they told me you have nothing to loose and a lot to win look at it as an investment and you will do good. adjust your budget do anything you need to but fix your credit if you want to get out of debt and survive these economy. ”
Posted By: Jessica Rodriguez
“ my fico score was increased 104 points withing the program. but I like how I received updates every month.. you guys rock. ”
Posted By: Jose H
“ Hi everyone I just wanted to tell who ever needs a good credit repair company to contact finivcredit, they gave me back my life I had around 21k in debt that was not mine and even though I disputed the info myself I was able to get some items deleted but I made the rest worst collectors will not stop calling me harrasing me even when I explain to them the debt wass not mine. Short story long finivcredit gave me my good credit back thank you so much ”
Posted By: Marie
“ Great company... Very knowledgeable. "I was able to refinance my car and purchase my home". Thank you for all the help FINIV team. ”
Posted By: Undisclosed
“ I found them online I just started my program and I am very excited about it they showed me results from previous customers and I can't wait to get mine. ”
Posted By: Undisclosed
“ They just deleted 15 inaccurate items from my credit report out of 21 and its only been 2 months and a half in their program hope to get more great results soon. ”
Posted By: Undisclosed
“ I found them on google and there were a lot of options and ill tell you they are not the cheapest company around but they sure know how to their work and get excellent results no I have my lovely house after being denied several times I don't have to worry about that any more thanks Carlos your help was awesome. Ask for him when you call them their number is 866-290-4949 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              866-290-4949      end_of_the_skype_highlighting great guy to deal with. ”
Posted By: Undisclosed
“ Awesome job very happy with my results I hope I never need credit repair again but if I do I will use ”
Posted By: Undisclosed
“ Most Credit Repair Companies offer the same money back guarantee and a unique program but only Finiv Credit Offers an Outstanding Customer Service. You will love their service! ”
Posted By: Undisclosed
“ Great service they removed several items from my credit report that gave a better credit score.

Thanks again ”
Posted By: Undisclosed
Thanks to everyone in FINIV Credit unbelievable work, excellent customer service now I am able to buy my house and the car I always wanted instead of getting the car and the house that the bank wanted because of bad credit.

Posted By: Susan
Hey Luis thanks to you and your company I got my good credit life back, ill recommend you to my sister.

Posted By: James
I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for the hard work everything worked just like you guys said it was going to happen I have my house and my kids are happy thanks to your company

Thanks Ines
Posted By: Ines
I am a first time user of credit counseling and very skeptical about these companies. Finiv Credit Counseling was very impressive with their customer service, professionalism, and the security of personal information. My credit score improved 110 points in a matter of months due to the diligent work from Finiv Credit Counseling. I will highly recommend Finiv Credit Counseling to anyone with credit issues that want to solve them quick and professionally.

Katy , Texas
Posted By: Tadd
I want to thank you and your team for helping repair my credit. I must admit I was skeptical at first that I could repair my credit problems that had haunted me for a number of years. Then within 6 months, I was able to purchase a new car at an interest rate that was less then a third of what had been quoted to me in the past. You and your team really did do an awesome job. I sincerely appreciate your companies hard work and dedication to its customers.
Thank you again!
Lane Dixon
Posted By: Lane Dixon

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