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Our Services

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Finivcredit Counseling follows a unique credit repair program by which consumers can improve their credit reports. After having been in this business for so long, our firm has significant experience in helping people legally raise their credit scores and achieve their dreams.

Careful Selection of customers

Our reputation is important to us, and we only accept those customers into our program who have the potential to benefit from it. For this reason we offer a free consultation that pre qualifies consumers for participation. This allows us to ensure that we deliver the very best results - each time.

Who can we help?

Our services are available to almost everyone. These days, this applies to even those who are financially sound. Gone are the days when only those who were financially irresponsible needed to improve their credit. Today, factors that you are not even aware of can mark your credit history which is so important to your financial stability.

So come on in for a free consultation. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Our team of professionals will provide solutions and results for those who are facing the following situations

We have been successful removing this type of items with inaccurate unverifiable information :

· Bankruptcies

· Collections

· Charge offs

· Inquiries

· Judgments

· Foreclosures

· Late Payments

· Repossessions

· Tax Liens

· Paid Collections

· Child Support

· Student Loans (Processed via EMS)

· and much more...

Improving your Credit Score - Legally

These days, credit scores are all important for you to achieve your financial goals. If you're here to find a legal and legitimate way to redeem your credit scores, you've come to the right place. FINIV Credit makes use of various provisions of the law including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to remove inaccuracies from credit reports as well as those items that can be legally removed. There are a good deal of such items in every person's credit report - and yours is likely to be one of them.

Our Credit report repair services are perfectly legal and don't promise you anything that cannot be realistically achieved.

Helping lenders with their customers

Not only do we assist consumers with their credit, we also help firms who are directly impacted by their customer's credit reports - allowing them to turn prospective customers with less than perfect credit scores into lucrative business partners. These include mortgage brokers, loan officers and car dealerships among others.

Providing support for Bankruptcy cases

Declaring bankruptcy is bad enough without having to fight lazy credit bureaus for removing inaccurate information from your credit report. Our unique program helps you to improve your credit after bankruptcy and ensures that your score is not affected any more than is necessary. This will allow you to move forward with your life instead of constantly looking into the past trying to find out why your credit scores aren't improving.

Your voice with the credit bureaus

Anyone who has had any dealings with the major credit bureaus knows how difficult it is to get them to respond in an accurate and timely manner. This is not because they're inherently evil. It's just the way big bureaucracies work. They have no reason to listen to individuals who are merely demanding a verification of the items on their credit reports.

FINIV Credit Counseling is your spokesperson while dealing with these massive corporations. Our experience in drafting correctly worded letters and quoting the proper aspects of the law shines through as we cut the red tape to ensure that the credit bureaus quickly give us the information we require to challenge inaccurate items in your credit report.

Let us help you

We understand your needs. We know how frustrating it is to merely stand up for your rights. Contact us and we will get you the results you want.

Finiv LLC Credentials
100% Bonded Registered Secretary of State of Texas Money Back Guarantee

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