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Should I close my credit cards to achieve good credit?

January 04, 2011 Finivcredit Blogs by CEO

Should i close my credit cards to achieve good credit?

credit card

Absolutely not, closing a credit card that you have had for a while in order to achieve good credit is not the right thing to do.  Remember the basic formula to calculate your credit scores 35%+30%+15%+10%+10% with this formula you can see that the biggest amount is 35% called payment history.  So if you go ahead and close your credit card with the bank, you will close the history and as a consequence your scores will get affected and drop since there will be no more history reporting monthly.

My suggestions is if you want to pay off your debts maintain a balance 0 on your credit cards and use them at least once every 6 months to avoid credit card companies from closing the merchant account business.  Remember in order to have credit you need open lines of credit not necessarily bad debt.

There are many companies that recommend you live debt free and by this the mean no credit at all, unless you have several millions of dollars saved up and you can live paying cash for everything then you don’t need credit.  Remember having good credit means being responsible and only using your credit to generate you more income or for emergencies.  I call credit cards a loaded gun you can use it for self-defense or to shoot yourself on the foot so choose wisely and keep your gun where it belong on a safe box and use them in case of emergency.  Important keep them away and safe from your kids too (credit cards) ;)


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