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What is the best credit monitoring service to use?

January 03, 2011 Yahoo Answers by CEO

What is the best credit monitoring service to use?

I would like to know what is the best credit monitoring service to use. I want to be able to see my credit scores from all three credit reporting agencies, get alerts when credit is ran, all three credit reports, and be able to protect my credit with a password. Any idea what the best option would be?
I recommend they have a great service they give you 30 days free and provide you with your 3 scores. I have personally used every monitoring service out there and most of them are very inaccurate I have compared each of them to an actual report pulled by a mortgage company and the closest one in scores and info is always, they also have one of the lowest monthly fee of 9.99 a month and provide you with a 1 credit pull a month with 3 scores and a score tracker from Experian. As far as protecting your credit with a password i don't know if by that you meant to avoid companies from accessing your report to provide you pre-approved offers if that is the case you can get your info into the op-tout website that way your information will not be sold to credit card companies. Now if you believe you have been the victim of ID theft first of all file a police report and then submit a credit freeze alert to the three credit bureaus this will set a record on your report that will protect you from any future accounts created under your name without your authorization. After that find any inaccurate accounts and dispute them with valid reasons this should help you.

Source(s): Credit Report Opt Out from credit card offers Credit Repair if you need help with removing innacurate items from your report
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