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January 03, 2011 Yahoo Answers by CEO
What is the best way to repair my credit?


Start by getting a recent copy of your credit report and analyze it look for errors, accounts that don't belong to you and any type of mistakes. There are multiple business and personal tools out there that can provide you with a free credit report. Look for credit repair business tools online that provide solutions for startup companies. Once you have done that you will know exactly whats affecting you. You also need to start establishing positive credit remember your credit scores will not improve by themselves you need to add positive credit to get credit history and to help the credit formula
35% Payment history
30% Amounts Owed
15% Length of credit
10% Inquiries
10%New lines of credit and type of credit

This is the formula used to calculate your fico scores. As you can see the biggest amounts need to be positive to help scores increase. Most credit reports contain inaccuracies and you can help yourself by challenging the companies and have them correct your records. There are several forums and websites that teach you different methods to regain good credit. Like the previous answer said it takes time and effort to get back there is no quick fix for bad credit. Another suggestion is hire a Legal Credit Repair company but before you do so research about them look them up online check their credentials make sure they are bonded and legal companies. And most important remember everything a legal credit repair company can do for you, you can do it on your own the only difference is the experience and time frame since most cheap companies keep you for years on their program companies like if they allow you in there program they usually have you ready in 6 months or less depending on the amount of damage. Remember Credit Counseling is for everyone but credit repair is not. One very important thing you need to know Do not use dipute templates found online most of these templates have been placed by the same credit bureaus and you can get flagged by the bureaus as a frivoulous dispute. Use them as a reference and create your own in some cases the more personal the letter is the better chance of success you will have make sure you sign it and date it since the bureaus have a maximun of 45 days to respond to your disputes. Use valid reasons to dispute your negative items.

You can get your report from but if you disute items investigations will take 60 days to get answered by the bureaus that is the only downfall of using it but its the only real free credit report.

I hope the info helps

Check out this websites for good info

Source(s): credit repair credit report free for the first 30 days after that they charge you 9.99 you can cancell before the 30 days good info on credit FTC website so you can educate yourself on what you can expect from a credit repair company
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