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Paid judgment still on my report?

January 03, 2011 Yahoo Answers by CEO

Paid judgment still on my report?

I broke a lease 5 years ago and at the time still owed them money. We went to court and I paid at that time everything in-full that they said I owed. I'm trying to rent now and my new place is asking about this judgment. Since I paid it off right away, shouldn't it be off my report? How long is will it be on there? And how much will this effect me now? Do online credit repair services that claim to help you with your credit report really work?
I am sorry to hear that unfortunately a Judgment is a public record and public records stay for 10 years on your report not 7, The not so bad news is that after two years it will not hurt you that much the older an item becomes the less it hurts. You can provide the receipt to the property you are trying to rent and most companies will approve you once you have paid a judgment if the judgment is still reporting as unpaid on your credit report you can forward the information the the bureaus and have them update the info for you. As far as your credit scores since you have just paid an item this will hit your scores and drop them for a couple of months since the date of last activity on the item will get updated to the date you made the payment.

I hope the info helps
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